The idea of Out of the Broom Closet was born in 2006. Broom Closet made its first appearance Beltaine weekend in May of 2007 at an event held by the MPGFA (Maritime Pagan Gathering Festival Association). It was me and my business partner at the time, with a table full of home-made chocolates and baked goods. From there we continued to grow, realizing some of our ideas and dreams – and changing along the way. I’ve set up at so many events over the years! Psychic Fairs, Renaissance Faires, crafts shows, geeky type events, farmers markets, flea markets – even along the fence at Public Gardens on Spring Garden Road in Halifax! I’ve met so many people, and made friends with so many dogs!

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Oh, where to start? To say “I make stuff” seems so blasé, but that’s what it boils down to. I make jewelry, cloaks, and accessories – and other things. Where the jewelry is concerned, I try to keep in mind metal allergies and sensitivities. I’m constantly learning new techniques to help improve what I offer. This means as I learn new things, a wider section of options becomes available to you, the customer! And if ever there is a piece that you see, but you’d like it done in different colours, custom requests can be made!

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Born and raised in Quebec, my mother and I moved to Nova Scotia the summer I turned 14. I am currently living in Halifax. I am mom to two amazing children who are now all grown up. And I share space with three cats (because who really owns cats?).

My interests are all over the place. I love superhero/sci-fi/action movies. Sushi is my weakness. And a glass of white wine now and again is heaven. Coffee is the elixir of life.

I’ve been sewing & making jewelry for 30+ years. I enjoy learning new techniques, which has lead to me offering a variety of items over the years.

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When your cats decide the light box is theirs, and you can’t take product photos…