What a weekend…. It didn’t turn out the way I was expecting (fearing), which in the end is a good thing. This is the first year I was set up as Reader at this particular annual event, and I was worried I’d be overwhelmed. What DID happen is I ended up focusing more on the Intuitive side of things, rather than the jewelry side of things – something I’m not used to. I usually… erm… hide behind my product. Yes, I’m Intuitive. Yes, I’m *out there* and *open* about who I am… But doing readings for humans is very draining for me, because of the type of readings I do. The Empathic side of things, the Mediumship side of things… It takes its toll on a person, being “connected” to Something/someone else. To compare it to say being in the sunlight, some people can be in the sunlight all day and not suffer for it. Some can get a sunburn after spending an afternoon in the sun. Me? I get a sunburn in under 30 minutes. I know this, and I was expecting this event to be like me hanging out in the garden (with no shade) for two full days during a heatwave.
I’ve noticed with each show I do I refer to the cards less and less. I went through the routine of shuffling the cards, getting the client to shuffle the cards, setting them up as I’m shown (the layout is different for each person)… And then I spent the next 30-45 minutes holding the client’s hands and shared with them the messages I got. One reading I did today I don’t think I looked at the cards at all after seeing the first one. Another reading I held their hands and said everything that came through and then looked at the cards to see if I ‘missed’ anything – I hadn’t. There was only one reading where the cards were so exact, they were blank images, I basically coloured in the pictures with the words.
Sometimes I wonder what people take away from their readings. Did all of what came through resonate? Did the message(s) hit home? Did anything I shared with them have an impact? Some, I know. Those are usually the ones that walk away with a kleenex or two scrunched up in their hand. But some get a reading out of simple curiosity, and those are the people who are the most difficult to link with – the Doubting Thomas who questions everything and takes everything they hear with a grain of salt. And that’s a good thing! They don’t swallow everything they’re told hook, line, and sinker. But they are also more difficult to read.
As always there were people with questions; people who are new to their path or experiencing a change in their world, people curious about how things worked, some who have spent their lives trying to live up to the expectations of others who really wanted to start living as their Authentic Self and felt they couldn’t. As a Healer, these weekends are enlightening. As an Introvert, these weekends are draining. Oh look, chocolate… Chocolate understands…
The Bruja Roja
(originally published April 17, 2016)