Hello!  Welcome to my blog site!

Oh, I can hear the collective groan: yet another blog about (insert category here)… Yes, actually, another blog. I dragged my feet about this long enough, time to dust off the keyboard and put it to effective use. Over the years I’ve been asked various questions about why I self-identify as a Witch, about being an Empath (and more to the point what an Empath is/does), about being Sensitive, about being an Intuitive Medium, and just how does one go about communicating with animals…

I finally realized, if people were asking me questions there must be a need for the answers. And then I heard this Voice in my head say something that brought it all home. “Be the Guide/Mentor you didn’t have when you were asking the same questions you’re now being asked.”

I don’t claim to be an expert, or all-knowing. I am, however, someone who has had to find a lot of answers the hard way. There was no interwebz when I started asking questions. Shows like “Charmed” hadn’t hit the airwaves, let alone become popular. I don’t know if there was a ‘New Age’ section in book stores and libraries, and I wouldn’t have thought to look for one if there had been.

So… Welcome. Grab a cuppa, pull up a seat. Hopefully you’ll find some of the answers you seek.

The Bruja Roja
(originally published June 15, 2015)