It’s an old joke, I know – but one that works toward this week’s blog topic: Intuitives and what they can (or can not) see. There are a few things that might prevent an Intuitive from seeing everything. First and foremost would be the Intuitive’s sense of ethics. Another barrier high on the list is the issue of personal gain. Maybe an Intuitive is too close to a situation, or their own fears/desires might be colouring what they see. And, of course, many Intuitives are shown only the information they need to pass along a particular message.

Intuitives aren’t all-knowing, or all-seeing. If they were, how creepy would that be? Being at a psychic fair would bring on a whole slew of awkward and embarrassing moments – “Oh hey, I think you dropped your psyche…” Many Intuitives work within a set of rules – ethics, if you will – that vary from Intuitive to Intuitive. For the most part, like doctors, the first rule is “Do no harm”. Ethical Intuitives don’t go skulking about where they haven’t been invited, and much of the information they receive is for the purpose of sharing messages that people need to hear. Secondary to that is holding back some information that might be harmful if shared. An Intuitive might receive information that is vital to the message, but it might not be the Intuitive’s place to share. For example, a woman who is pregnant but hasn’t found out she’s nurturing new life – or perhaps it’s a family member that hasn’t shared the news, yet. Other examples would include: a cheating spouse, an undiagnosed illness, a loved one’s hardship. If an Intuitive receives something along those lines, they might tactfully skirt the issue: “How’s your relationship with your spouse, have you had any alone time lately”, “You seem tired, are you experiencing any undue stress? When was your last physical?”, “I’m picking up on some concern for your sister, have you checked in with her lately?”. In walking that fine line, the Intuitive may have planted the seed, but the follow through is up to the other party.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out one of the most common questions put to an Intuitive centers around winning lottery numbers – more specifically why not suss them out and win all that money? It boils down to personal gain and the potential for distraction. I’d love the chance to prove that winning millions of dollars wouldn’t make me a bad person, but in truth I’d likely buy that cave I keep talking about hiding in (or maybe a yacht) and fill it with fabrics and yarns and jewelry supplies and never interact with the general populace again – and then what would be the point of having the gifts that I do? Whatever the method, Intuitives have abilities for a reason – and if they were distracted by material wealth they might not be as connected to the people they’re supposed to be helping.

An Intuitive’s fears or desires might work against their ability to see things pertaining to their own life. It’s one thing to be outside of a situation and have an unbiased view of what’s going on, it’s another to have hopes or worries colour the interpretation. To give an example, I’ll speak of a personal experience. When I was younger I had two separate precognitive dreams that were spaced a few days apart. The first one showed me a child I would have. I assumed the guy I was engaged to at the time was the father. The second dream showed me a child *he* would have, and I assumed I would be her mother. A couple of months after the dreams my fiance and I ended our relationship, and I was left wondering about the children I had seen. About a year after we separated, sure enough, his daughter was born – to his new girlfriend. I had to wait three years after dreaming of my child to meet her. So while the dreams were accurate, my hopes and assumptions skewed my interpretations. Fears can skew interpretations just as easily. Or, worse yet, insecurities can actually present our fears to us in a way that feels like a message when it’s really the furthest thing from the truth – and they can be very convincing.

Another reason Intuitives don’t see everything pertaining to themselves – what would be the point in reading a book if you already know how it ends? We live our lives, make choices (not always the right ones), learn lessons based on our experiences. If we knew what was going to happen tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that – what would prevent us from staying home? The Powers That Be always have a reason for imparting the information they do, but rarely do they see fit to give us all the information – nor do they share the reasons for their motivation. Sometimes that reason is as simple as “You’re going to meet someone, today”. Other times the reason looks more like a quadratic equation in a three-step process. What if we weren’t in the right place at the right time to tell someone something they needed to hear or to bump into a person and make them alter their route just long enough to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time? I often wonder if we aren’t just all pieces on a chess board and The Powers That Be are five steps ahead of us mere humans.

Now and again the information an Intuitive is given acts like a key, one to a door that is hidden. The key word or phrase doesn’t spark anything with the Intuitive, but speaks volumes to the other party – who then points the way to the door. During one such Reading, I saw ladybugs everywhere. There was a ladybug clock on the wall, a ladybug cup on the table atop a ladybug place mat, there was even a ladybug wind chime hanging within view of the kitchen window. I finally asked “Why am I seeing ladybugs?” The woman I was speaking with looked at me with awe and she told me it was her pet name for her daughter – and with that the door opened and the rest of the Reading came through. In a sense, it was a way for The Powers That Be to tell the woman she needed to listen and that the information I was going to give her was very important – which it was. I could have just been given the message to pass along, but would the woman have put as much stock in what I was saying? How could I have known to ask about something as random as ladybugs? It was something that was for her, and her alone, to understand.

In the end, the biggest reason Intuitives aren’t shown the whole picture is the simplest one: absolute power corrupts absolutely, and omniscient (all-knowing) beings could rule in chaos. A less ethical Intuitive could very well pick the winning lottery numbers every week for a year and upset the world’s financial balance – more than it already is. A less ethical Intuitive could be ruled by petty jealousy and withhold messages that could lead to the ruin and despair of an innocent bystander. A less ethical Intuitive could use their abilities to spy on people like a Peeping Tom or to gain information that could then be used against someone. Intuitives should only ever use their super powers for good, after all…

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The Bruja Roja
(originally published July 9, 2015)