Contrary to what some may think, Intuitives aren’t carbon copies of each other, nor are we interchangeable. We have different abilities, which make most of us unique. And as we develop and grow to understand them, we strengthen our abilities in different ways. On top of that, we interpret the information we receive in different ways. A person could visit with five Intuitives in one day and get five separate readings. It depends on what the Intuitives abilities are, and how the information is translated. One Intuitive might share a message from a Loved One that has passed away, one might see a possible future, another might see a scene from the past, one might pick up on health issues, one might receive messages from various Guides, and another may yet pick up on any combination there in  or something else entirely.

Are you confused, yet? Ill try to make it a little less clear as mud for you.

A Precognitive is one who is able to see things about a possible future event. Now, I say possible because few things are written in stone. I’ll touch on that later. For now, I will say this  most of our actions are based on the knowledge we hold in the moment we make a cognitive decision to act/react. A person (let’s give this person a name,  Jane) may take the same route to get to work each day, five days per week, never really veering from her set course. Jane wakes up at 6am, leaves home at 7:30, arrives at work by 8:30  all based on the knowledge she has of the route and any factors that could effect her travel. Because of her habitual routine, perhaps Jane doesn’t pay as much attention as she normally would and she doesn’t look both ways before crossing the street. Jane *could* have a careless accident. Now, what if Jane happened to cross paths with a Precognitive who told her to pay special attention to her surroundings and to exercise caution while traveling? If Jane were to listen, and made sure to look both ways before crossing the street, Jane would likely see the distracted driver who was reaching behind his seat to grab something out of his bag and thus step back onto the curb in time to avoid being hit by the car. And in doing so, Jane has just changed the possible future the Precog saw and tried to warn Jane about.

A Postcognitive is one who is able to see things about a past event. Why look into the past  you ask. Why take History in high school? Why go on archaeological digs, or salvage sunken ships? Why build museums to house all the things we find? Why read biographies of people who have made their mark by contributing to society? People are interesting, and they do interesting things. A person can learn from the past, so as to not make the same mistakes others have made. With the topic of this blog in mind though, allow me to expand upon that. If an Intuitive is seeing something during a reading that happened in the past, its usually because it has direct bearing on something that is going on in the present: a troubled childhood with an abusive parent is colouring a current relationship, an experience with bullying has made someone withdraw into themselves to the point where they’re almost lost in a sea of insecurities, a rape victim has closed herself off to her husband and he feels helpless in the shadow of the event. We are given the information we need to help others in some way  and sometimes that help might come in the form of much needed closure.

A Clairvoyant is one who has the ability to see things others might not; they work on a more visual frequency. This could be the aforementioned Pre/Postcognitives, it could be someone who sees images that hold special meaning to either the Intuitive or the person the message is meant for, it could be someone who see the Spirit of a deceased Loved One. Some may be able to see an image as clear as day, and as 3D as you or I. Others might see the image(s) as though they are an overlay (remember those old over-head projectors and how they used clear sheets that could be layered?). Some may even see things more like a daydream, and they may need to close their eyes to better see the image(s), or they may seem to be looking off into the distance in an unfocused manner.

A Clairaudient is one who works more on an auditory frequency, they hear things. The voices in my head have all the best ideas! And it could very well be that They do. At any rate, the messages seem to come through in words. Some Clairaudients might hear a voice as though the person speaking is standing next to them. Others might hear it more like a push that is in their brain, and yet separate from their own thoughts. This ability can work hand in hand with the gift of Clairvoyance (Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You’re our only hope.) or it might not and thus seem like this disembodied voice is coming out of no where, which can be a little freaky the first few times it happens. Clairaudients can also hear strains of music or other sounds, if they are a part of the message.

A Clairsentient is one who senses what others may not sense. I tend to call this one Data Dump because it’s as though The Powers That Be have downloaded this massive amount of knowledge directly into my brain  and I swear it isn’t always in English. I’ve had to sift through fragmented bits of information such as: images, emotions, physical sensations, sense impressions (like taste or smell), snatches of memory, audio clips, words in languages I’m not familiar with, and yet I can understand what’s being said because its all Energy based! Who needs a Rosetta Stone when you work for The Powers That be? I’m kidding, of course. Well, maybe only a little.

Clairaugustine,  which is a word I learned just recently,  is the ability to taste things through a psychic connection. Funny how I’ve been experiencing this one for years and didn’t even know the ability had its own category. For some it might come through as picking up on something connected to a past or future event  not to be confused with a craving. For others (like myself) it might come across as a vile taste associated with negative energy or an abusive person, the phrase it leaves a bad taste in my mouth is very fitting.

The label Energy Worker is a fairly broad and general way to describe people who pick up on Energy. There are those who can feel what others are feeling, they’re known as Empaths. Empaths can sense emotions and/or physical sensations and feel them as though they were their own. Many Empaths go through life without even knowing they have this ability, while others figure it out and (hopefully) learn to work with it – otherwise it can be overwhelming and confusing. There are those who are able to see auras, which is the energy field that surrounds living beings. While most people hear of auras and think in terms of colours surrounding a person – it doesn’t always present itself in that way. Some may simply see energy waves, like heat rising from hot pavement. Others still might sense the energy field. Psychometrics are those that can read energy from objects belonging to someone, and perhaps they are able to read the energy from a photograph, there may just be something to the old superstition of cameras stealing bits of a person’s soul. Although the energy that can be read isn’t necessarily what was captured in the moment the photograph was taken, it can be the general personality of the person, or more current energy – or, in the case of a building, the collective energy that has built up over the years or energy that left an imprint after a particular event. Reiki Practitioners are Energy Workers, as well. Because these Intuitives work with/read Energy, they don’t have to be sitting close to someone to be able to tap in. So long as there is a link, which can be achieved in a variety of ways, the Intuitive can feel Energy and/or Psychic Vibrations much in the way a spider feels vibrations via the threads of their web. Perhaps not the best analogy, but the one that always comes to mind when I do Energy Work. They have the ability to make many connections; they just need to know which thread to focus on, and they aren’t restricted by distance. Or, for that matter, time.

A Medium is one who acts as an intermediary between beings  the one sending the message and the one receiving the message. Mediums can communicate with Spirit, with Guides, and with Animals as well. They can use a variety of means to do so, many of which Ive already explained. Some Mediums are able to channel. When a Medium channels, its as though the Medium steps aside and another Being uses the Mediums body to share the message. One such method is known as Auto-Writing, where the words the Medium writes don’t originate within the Medium, but rather from an outside source such as a Guide or Spirit. Not all Mediums channel, many remain steadfastly in control of themselves and are fully cognizant of the messages being shared.

I mentioned earlier that not all future events are set in stone. And for the most part, that is true – or at least I don’t believe they are. Why would anyone plan the minutiae of every day life, right down to the millisecond? “Hey, Tom! The Powers That Be wanted me to do a spot check on Ralph. Did he brush his teeth this morning for 2.45 minutes, like he was supposed to? According to his file, he’s supposed to brush them that long every Wednesday and Sunday – you know, 5 seconds longer than his average… ” I do believe that the larger events in our lives are predestined, mapped out before we’re born, so that we can be presented with the Life Lessons we’ve agreed to learn this life around. I was thinking about covering more of that in this blog, but I think that may be a whole blog topic in and of itself. Let me say, for now, that there are no coincidences. The Powers That Be place people in our lives who help us, guide us, and teach us. I think of it like a contract that we sign before we’re born into each life. Remember “Jane” from earlier? The one that narrowly missed getting hit by a car… Well, what if The Powers That Be made certain Jane crossed paths with that particular Precognitive, so that she could be given that particular message, so that she could avoid getting hit by the car, and in stepping back on the curb bump into the guy who would become her next lover? The Powers That Be always have a reason for every thing that happens, they just don’t always share their reasons nor their motivations. And not everything that happens to someone like Jane is always directly related to Jane. How she reacts to something might in fact be one event in a long string of events that fall into one another like domino tiles.

I realize I haven’t touched upon every label out there. For one thing, there are a LOT of labels. For another, not everyone uses the same labels to define the same things. The differences may be generation based (Energy Worker vs Lightworker), or location based (chips are to crisps what chocolate bars are to candy bars). And many of us have gone through life blindly feeling about for stumbling blocks in our Paths, figuring things out on our own the hard way (and have the scraped knees to prove it). What I call a “Sensitive” or an “Intuitive”, a new acquaintance calls a “Sensor”. This blog was meant to be more of a starting point, to help give someone the tools they need to build their own foundation of knowledge. I hope whomever needed it has a few more lanterns than I did to help light their way and guide them on their Path.

Please share this blog with friends. Someone might find the answers they’re seeking.

The Bruja Roja
(originally published July 13, 2015)